Spring/Summer Care FAQ

What steps should I take when opening my pond in the spring?


  1. Remove landscape netting used to cover your pond during the winter in March or early April.

  2. If your bog plants have been set in the deep section of your pond during the winter, move them to the bog shelves for spring and summer. At this time, you should see new green shoots growing and you can begin to fertilize your plants.

  3. Remove sediment from the bottom of the pond with either a wet or dry vac or a fish net. If the sediment is too thick, draining the pond might be necessary.

  4. When the water temperature starts warming, your fish will become more active and you can then start coaxing them to eat floating fish food.

  5. Bring your pond pump from storage, and start it up for spring and summer use.

  6. Raise the waterline to the top of the pond if there has been evaporation over the winter. If adding less than 2” of water to the pond, de-chlorination is not necessary. If there is more than 2”, add a de-chlorinator.

  7. Your pond is now ready for the season and we wish you “happy water gardening”

Should I panic if I see a very large algae growth that lasts up to 6 weeks?

No, this is a very normal process that happens every spring. If you are having problems after 6 weeks, you should cover more of your surface water with plants or add more oxygenation to the bottom of your pond. This formula almost never fails if it is executed properly.