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Pondless Waterfall & Stream Kits

Complete Pondless Water Feature Kits

Pondless Kits can also be referred to as Waterfall Kits and these type of kits provide an alternative to the traditional pond kits. The pondless kits provide the sight and sound of a running waterfall without the fish and plants or large volume of water. These kits are great for those with small spaces, small children, or whose gardening time is limited.

The pondless or waterfall kits consist of water flowing out over the lip of a waterfall spillway tank forming a waterfall that then cascades down into a bed of gravel or decorative pebbles that has a buried water basin beneath to catch the disappearing water. The water is continuously recycled this way by a submersible pump inside the basin and therefore you only have to add water from a garden hose as needed to compensate for evaporation. These kits are low maintenance and easy to install.

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