Fountain & Pump Combos

Fountain & Pump Combos



Give your pond the attention stealing centerpiece that it needs by choosing from our wide variety of fountains

Fountains will make ANY pond a spectacular experience!

We offer a wide selection of pond and water garden fountains, ranging from a small 17" spray for small ponds to larger, more dramatic 7' tall sprays for the larger water garden.

In addition, we carry three main types of fountains: Floating, Solar, and Traditional.

Floating fountains can easily be used in deeper ponds since they don't require a stand to sit on. Many people anchor these fountains with monofilament line (fishing line).

Solar fountains operate best in full sun and are usually for decorative use only since most do not possess the power for vigorous aeration of water.

Traditional fountains are attached to submersible pumps that usually sit on a stand, shelf, or bottom of the pond.