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Pond Spitters & Fountain Ornaments

Add beauty and create additional aeration for your water garden or pond!

Add some excitement to your pond with one of our spitters! Pond spitters are more than just decorative pond statuary, they can also assist in creating additional aeration for the pond which is needed especially during hot summer months. These outdoor water spitters or spouters require a flexible hose and a submersible pump. The size of the pump is determined by the size of the spitter but usually pumps ranging from 80 gph up to 350 gph will power many small to medium sized pond spitters. Taller or more elaborate spouting pond statuary can use 500 gph or stronger water pumps. Our pond spitters are made from polyresin, cast stone, bronze or brass and can vary in size from a tiny 4 inch tall frog to herons that stand approximately 29 inches tall or taller. We do carry unique animal fountain spouters as well such as alligators and hippos so be sure to check with us regularly to see what we've added.

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