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Aquatic Plant Fertilizer

>Give your pond plants the nutrients they need to flourish with some of our fertilizer products!

Pond plants should be fertilized regularly if they are in containers (as most are), and we offer the pond plant fertilizer in tablet or spike form. This fertilizer is fish safe and contains the nutrients aquatic plants need for lush green foliage, vigorous flowering, and healthy root development.

Our aquatic tablet fertilizer is a 10-20-10 formulation that should be applied monthly during the growing season. These tablets are 5 grams in size (about the size of a marble), and 2 tablets will feed an 8 inch diameter pot approximately. You simply push the tablets about 3 inches into the soil around the plant.

We also have Throw-tabs which are formulated for floating plants such as water hyacinth and lettuce. You simply toss the specified number of tabs around the plants; these pond tablets will not promote algae growth if used as directed.

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