Pond Bacteria

Pond Bacteria

Beneficial Bacteria Can Be A Healthy Pond's Best Friend!

The beneficial bacteria products we offer control algae in ponds in a natural, safe manner. The bacteria breaks down pond debris that usually consists of fish waste, uneaten fish food, and organic matter such as leaves and grass clippings. By breaking down this debris or sludge, nutrients become unavailable for the various types of pond algae to feed from and as a result, algae is reduced in the pond and water garden.

Dry products such as our own Hydro-Bugs and Green-Be-Gone can effectively and economically control algae in a pond if used according to label directions. Most beneficial bacteria products should be applied on a regular basis throughout spring, summer and into the fall. Best results in controlling green water or algae are achieved if these products are used weekly. You may reduce applying the bacteria to twice per month if algae is under control.

We would like to emphasize that if you want to control green water or string algae in ponds and water gardens in a natural manner, then patience is required! Don't expect that one application of beneficial bacteria will result in a magical cure. Also, it is best to add these beneficial pond bacteria when the water temperature is at least 50 degrees.

We provide two main types of algae control products: (1) Natural controls and (2) Traditional algaecides. Each type of control can either be in a dry, powder form or a liquid form. Generally speaking, the powders are more economical but the liquids are faster acting. Natural algae control products such as beneficial bacteria, work best when applied in early spring to the water garden and continued weekly through summer and into early autumn. Algae control products that kill rapidly, such as algaecides, should be applied only as necessary. The two most common types of pond algae are: green water algae (single-celled) and the string (hair) algae. We have products that will control both.