Water Feature FAQ

What kind of water feature do I want?

You want a water feature in your landscape but aren’t sure where to begin. Start by asking yourself, “What made me think about adding a water feature in the first place?” Maybe you were on vacation and enjoyed lounging by the lake or ocean. Perhaps you visited a shopping center and were drawn to the sound and beauty of a fountain where you could rest your weary feet. Or maybe you were thumbing through the pages of a magazine and saw photos of children interacting with fish in a pond and you envisioned your own family enjoying time spent with Mother Nature. Your vision for adding water to your landscape will be the first step in helping you determine what type of water feature to install. If you envision hours of interaction with nature, then a full-fledged water garden with fish and plants is in order. If you simply want to enjoy the sound of running water while sitting on the deck or patio, then a pondless waterfall will suit your needs. Or maybe you’re thinking of enhancing your home’s curb appeal, in which case a stylish fountain near the entrance to your home will do the trick. Your space and budget will also define the type of water feature that’s best for your lifestyle. A fountain or pondless waterfall can be tucked into any corner of your yard.

What is a pondless waterfall?

Pondless waterfalls are simply a recirculating waterfall or stream without the presence of a pond. It is an ideal option for families with small children, you can add the sight and sound of running water into your landscape without safety concerns for your little ones. Pondless waterfalls can be tucked into any corner of your landscape. They are built with a basin that is lined, filled with aquablox (for example) and rock that houses the pump vault. This basin stores all the necessary water to operate the stream and waterfalls without building a pond. Because there is no pond, this type of water feature requires little maintenance! It can even be turned off for the winter or run on a timer.

I set up my fountain and the pump is too noisy. How do I fix it?

First check to be sure the pump is fully submerged in the water. 99.9% of the time, a pump is making noise because there is not enough water in the fountain. Add water until the noise stops. It may take the fountain a few minutes for the pump and tubing to clear out air bubbles which will make some noise but it will stop once the air is cleared out. If it is still noisy: make sure the pump is not vibrating against the side of the pan. If it is, you can isolate the pump by using an old sponge underneath it or beside it to minimize the vibrations, and thus quieting the pump.

Do fountains do the same thing as aerators?

Although fountains do create additional circulation in your pond they cannot circulate as much water as an aeration system. They are much less likely to circulate any water in the critical zone near the bottom.

How much water do I need?

For an indoor fountain, it is good to have one which holds at least a few quarts of water. It is also fine to have even more water, several gallons or even a larger quantity of water for a large room. For outside fountains, you want many gallons of water to be effective. An outside fountain should hold at least 25 gallons of water and even more if possible.

How many hours a day should I run the fountain?

Run your fountain continuously as the pump will probably last longer. But you can have a fountain on an automatic timer and run it at least a few hours a day. Does it matter how fast the water circulates? The speed of the water should look pleasing and relaxing to you and the sound should be pleasant, not raging water or a harsh sound.

How do I keep a fountain from splashing?

Turning a fountain pump down to a lower setting can help prevent splashing. Keeping a fountain filled high can also help prevent splashing. Some fountains are designed better than others however and some fountains will splash over the container no matter what setting they are on. It is important to find one with good construction.