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Troubleshooting a Leak

Troubleshooting a Leak


Step #1:      Shut off pump, allow water to settle.


Step #2       Fill pond up to normal level you are confident the water has stayed at in past ( Hint: look for a water mark on the side of the liner.)


Step #      Take a water level measurement with a ruler at a pre-determined spot.

                   Record it, then wait 24 hours & take another measurement.


Did the level go down more than a ¼"?:




A. If the answer is yes, the leak is in the pond liner itself (or a bottom drain if you’ve had one installed). Allow the water to continue to go down until the level stops. Continue to keep an eye on the pond if there are fish so as not to allow the water to get too low.


Your leak is right above water level at whatever point the water stops dropping. If you have a bottom drain your leak may also be in any buried plumbing at the level the water level stops dropping.




1. If the answer was no, the leak is in your waterfall/stream (this is the case 90% of the time!)


           A. Unearth liner edges. Raise any low edges above level of water flow


2. Possibly in the plumbing (buried hose).

          A. Hook up a separate by-pass hose to the pump (verifies leak is not in a buried hose)


Please Note:

Normal evaporation loss in the summer time is about ¼" a day for a calm pond.

Normal evaporation loss for a pond with a large/splashy waterfall or stream can be anywhere from ½" to 1" a day with a pump running more on windy days.