How to choose the right tubing size

When you're planning a pond, water feature or simply sprucing up an existing setup, don't overlook the importance of choosing the right tubing to move water from one point to another. Tubing has recommended gallons per hour (GPH) flow rates, making it easy to match with your pump's flow capacity. If you use tubing that's too small, it puts extra pressure on the pump, possibly causing it to give out sooner than expected. This not only leads to a reduced flow in your water feature but could also result in leaks, especially if your tubing is older. To put it in perspective, imagine sipping water through a regular straw versus a cocktail straw—it's all about finding the right fit.

Recommended Hose Sizes For Pumps

Pump SizeBest Hose Size (I.D.)
75-150 gph ⅜”
150-300 gph ½”-⅝”
300-700 gph ¾”
700-1200 gph 1”
1200-2400 gph 1.25”
2400-3000 gph 1.50”
3000-5000 gph 2”
5000-9000 gph 3”

*Note: The GPH of the pump not the size of the pump outlet determines the best hose size to use!