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EasyPro Stratus Rocking Piston Compressor Gen2

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  • Continuous duty compressor designed for a pond aeration system with 24/7 operation.
  • Rocking Piston Compressor includes an inlet air filter and rubber foot pads.
  • 115v Motor has permanently lubricated bearings for increased longevity.
  • Available models: SRC25, SRC50 SRC75.
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty.

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This EasyPro Stratus SRC Series of Rocking Piston Compressor Gen 2 are built for constant, 24/7 operation. Use them to power the aeration unit of your pond or water garden. 

These single rocking piston compressors have an oil-free design, making them safe for koi and all other fish, water plants and other aquatic life. The compressors stay on shore and pushes air through tubing to a bottom-mounted diffuser, oxygenating the water (tubing and diffuser are not included). The increase in diffused oxygen improves water quality and clarity, which helps all pond life.

These compressor are assembled in the USA.

ModelHorsepowerMax AirflowMax PSIInlet/OutletWattageVoltage
SRC25 1/4 2.30 CFM / 65 LPM at 0 ft. water depth, 1.7 CFM / 48 LPM at 30 ft. water depth 30 1/4" FPT 190 watts 115V
SRC50 1/2 4.5 CFM / 127.4 LPM at 0 ft. water depth, 3.6 CFM / 101.9 LPM at 30 ft. water depth 30 1/4" FPT 340 watts


SRC75 3/4 6.5 CFM / 184.1 LPM at 0 ft. water depth, 5.4 CFM / 152.9 LPM at 30 ft. water depth 30 1/4" FPT 398 watts


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