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Aquascape AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit

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  • Creates a self-contained water feature, just add plants & 2 small goldfish (if desired) for a beautiful mini pond.
  • Complete kit - includes all necessary components.
  • Features an LED lit waterfall for evening enjoyment.
  • Quick and easy to set up, you can create your own water garden just about anywhere!
  • Holds 5-7 gallons of water.
  • Measures 23.5" in diameter and 10" tall.


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Aquascape's AquaGarden Mini Pond kit is one of the easiest ways to create a beautiful miniature pond. This self-contained kit holds 5 to 7 gallons of water and can accommodate plants and even small fish. The integrated waterfall features LED lighting to illuminate the flow, creating a beautiful and soothing atmosphere. But it isn't just for looks, the waterfall also functions as a biological filter which helps to keep the water clean, clear, and healthy.

Create your own water garden just about anywhere - patios, gardens, balconies and more! 

This complete kit includes everything you need for a mini pond: an integrated filter, a pump, lighting, clay grow media, and decorative gravel to hide the grow media. 

Measures 23.5" in length, 23.5" in width, and 10" in height. 

Available Models: Mocha, Steel Gray.