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Aquascape EcoBlast

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  • Eliminates unsightly debris and string algae
  • Granular powder allows for spot treatments and concentrated dosage to kill on contact
  • Fast acting formulation
  • Ideal for waterfalls, streams, pondless water features, and pond cleaning!
  • Can be used at any water temperature


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Aquascape EcoBlast is a contact granular algaecide that eliminates algae and other organic debris from waterfalls, fountains, streams, and rocks on contact. Application is easy! Simply sprinkle the treatment directly on the affected area and watch the algae actively disappear. With this easy algae remedy you can spend less time on pond maintenance and more time enjoying your pond or water feature! Aquascape EcoBlast can be used at any time of the year and can be used in a wide range of pH levels. 

Available only in the USA.

Available in Sizes

  • 33.4 oz - treats up to 780 square feet
  • 7 lbs - treats up to 2,275 square feet
  • Approximations are based on information provided by the Manufacturer. Results may vary.

Usage Instructions:

Apply dosage based on the sheet below. Utilize as a spot treatment. Effects on string algae should be immediate and include discoloration and bubbling.

Volume of water to treat (gallons)String AlgaeGreen Water Algae
 Low CurativeHigh Curative
50 1 tbsp .5 tsp 1 tbsp
100 1.5 tbsp 1 tsp 1.5 tbsp
500 .5 cup 1.5 tbsp .5 cup
1,000 1 cup 3 tbsp 1 cup
5,000 5 cups 1 cup 5 cups
10,000 10 cups 2 cups 10 cups