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Square Rigid Mesh Aquatic Plant Pot

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  • Sturdy plastic baskets for aquatic plants
  • Self watering design, allows free flow of water to aquatic plant roots
  • Mesh design facilitates rapid nutrient absorption
  • All baskets come with handles, making for easy placement and rearranging
  • Available Sizes: 9", 12".

$4.89 - $47.99

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These Rigid Mesh Aquatic Plant Pots are a must have for water gardeners and koi pond enthusiasts. Their lattice design allows free flow of water to plant roots, making them self-watering. The mesh design also facilitates the absorption of excess nutrients by plant roots, nutrients that otherwise would be available for the growth of unwanted algae.

Unlike fabric planters, these pots have sturdy construction that allows for aquatic plants that grow more aggressively.

Each basket includes handles for easy placement and rearrangement.

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