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Atlantic Pond & Garden Protector Dome Net

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  • Netting has small 1/2" mesh size

  • Raised dome provides superior protection from predators such as herons and raccoons.

  • Also can protect garden plants from rabbits and deer. Allows for sunlight and ventilation.

  • Easy to install and easy to remove

  • Makes leaf clean up quick!

  • UV-resistant poly netting extends life span.

$98.99 - $113.99
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Atlantic's Pond and Garden Protector Dome Nets are the perfect way to keep your pond or garden free of debris and pests. Featuring durable fiberglass supports, these protectors are sturdy and built to last. Their 1/2" x 1/2" mesh not only keeps out debris, but also pesky predators and other pests, keeping your fish or garden safe. With the easily set up dome design, this protector allows pond and garden plants to grow unobstructed. The UV-treatment of the netting provides a greatly extended lifespan.

These Pond and Garden Protectors feature more netting than is required for the dome, with the 7' x 9' model including 15' x 20' of netting and the 9' x 12' model including 20' x 20' of netting. This means that these dome nets can be used on ponds up to 10' x 15' in size and 15' x 15' in size respectively. 

Available Sizes:

Small: 7' x 9' x 2'H (Assembled Size) - Actual netting measures 15' x 20' and can be used on ponds up to 10' x 15' in size.

Large: 9' x 12' x 2.5'H (Assembled Size) - Actual netting measures 20' x 20' and can be used on ponds up to 15' x 15' in size.

Use this pond and garden protector for water gardens or vegetable gardens.


  • Ultra Pond Net
  • Nylon base
  • Center receptor
  • Four fiberglass poles
  • Four 12' tie-downs
  • Four ground stakes
  • Twelve net stakes
  • Eight net clips
  • Durable drawstring bag for off-season storage


Please Note:  This item is not designed to support heavy snow loads.