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Massarelli's 9690 Sitting Frog Plumbed Spitter

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  • Cute, solid cast stone plumbed frog spitter for ponds and water gardens
  • Decorative and adds oxygen and helps circulate water in a pond or water garden
  • 11 inches tall
  • Spitter available alone or in full kit; full kit includes submersible pump and tubing


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This Sitting Frog Spitter is charming pond decor and also useful because it adds extra oxygen to the water. The splashing that is created from the frog spitter helps oxygenate and aerate the pond water which is beneficial for fish and other aquatic life.

Made by Massarelli's, the frog spitter is a beautiful solid cast stone creation, not a cheap, hollow piece. It features a hand-stained, detailed finish. The stain provides higher fade resistance than paint and does not chip. For best results in climates with severe weather, cover the spitter or keep it indoors during winter.


Massarelli's 9690 Sitting Frog Spitter
Dimensions: 11" tall x 5" wide x 8" long
Weight: 6 lbs.
Inlet size: 3/8"
Recommended pump size: 100 to 200 GPH 

Full kit includes: Massarelli's 9690 Sitting Frog Spitter, an EcoPlus 172 GPH adjustable flow submersible pump and 3 ft. of 3/8" tubing.