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Pondmaster 04511 Oxy-Flo Aeration Kit

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  • Improves pond water conditions by adding oxygen, which promotes healthy fish, aquatic plants and the beneficial bacteria that consume excess nutrients in the pond.
  • Can also help keep an area ice-free during cold temperatures.
  • Designed for ponds up to 7 ft. deep and up to 2,000 gallons in size.
  • Complete kit includes: AP-20 air pump, (6) 4" air stones, (3) 16 ft. rolls of airline tubing, manifold and rubber coupling & clamps.

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The Pondmaster 04511 Oxy-Flo Pond Aeration Kit raises the oxygen level in a pond or water garden. The increase in oxygen improves water quality and clarity. In cold weather, the system helps keep an opening in ice on the water surface.

As this aeration system improves pond water conditions, it helps koi, other fish, aquatic plants and good bacteria thrive. The additional circulation of water leads to more uniform temperatures in the pond. The improved aerobic conditions in the pond promote fish health and help protect fish during freezing temperatures. 

This aerator unit is made for a pond with a maximum water depth of 7 ft. The AP-20 air pump stays on shore, tubing and air stones are placed in the water. The pump has an air volume of 1700 cu. in./min. and a grounded power cord that is 6 ft. long. The kit has a 1 year warranty. 


ModelPumpMax Pond SizeMax DepthMax OutputElectrical UseTubingComponents
04511 AP-20 2,500 Gallons 7 ft. 1 CFM / 28.3 LPM 110 Volts / 20 Watts 3 sections of 16 ft. air line tubing Manifold with 6 ports, 6 air stones (4")


Note: It is recommended that the air pump be placed under a vented cover to protect it from the elements.

Below is a link for an effective cover:

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