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Laguna Aquatic Slow Release Fertilizer Spikes - 16-9-12

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  • Specially formulated fertilizer for aquatic plants.
  • Consists of 16% Nitrogen, 9% Phosphate, and 12% Potassium.
  • Does not promote algae! Instead sends nutrients directly to the plant's soil for root absorption.
  • Easy installation and lasts the entire year.
  • Does not affect water clarity.
  • The spikes contain no copper and are nontoxic, safe for goldfish, koi, and other inhabitants that live in or around the pond.

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Hagen's Laguna Slow Release Fertilizer Spikes are a season-long solution to aquatic plant feeding. The temperature activated formula starts working at 50 degree Fahrenheit water temperature. The spikes are designed to release nutrients directly into the soil, where they focus specifically on nourishing aquatic plants via their roots. This method ensures that the nutrients do not feed algae, keeping your pond from becoming murky.

These Slow Release Fertilizer Spikes consist of 16% Nitrogen, 9% Phosphate, and 12% Potassium - an ideal ratio for promoting the growth of aquatic plants. This fertilizer is copper free and safe for use in ponds with fish and other aquatic life!

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Nitrogen - 16%
  • Phosphate - 9%
  • Soluble Potash - 12%
  • Magnesium - 1%
  • Sulfur - 2%
  • Boron - 0.02%
  • Iron - 0.45%
  • Manganese - 0.06%
  • Molybdenum - 0.02%
  • Zinc - 0.05%


  • Remove clear plastic sleeve before use.
  • Push the Spike in the soil until the cap is just above the surface.
  • After one year, discard the Spike as it no longer contains nutrients.
  • Standard Spikes: Use one spike for 1 or 2 U.S. gal (4 or 8 L) planting baskets, two spikes for 3 U.S. gal (11 L) planting baskets, three spikes for 4-1/2 & 5 U.S. gal (17 &18 L) planting baskets, or four or more spikes for > 5 U.S. gal (>18 L) planting baskets.
  • Mini Spikes: For the Mini Spikes, simply double the number of spikes used.