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Massarelli's 2245 Frog On Leaves Plumbed Spitter

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  • Beautiful, realistic and durable decoration for a pond, water garden or any water feature else
  • Made of solid, quality cast stone with a fade resistant finish that does not chip
  • Spitter is 6.75" T x 7" W x 7.75" L x 6.25" base diameter; weight: 9 lbs.
  • Inlet accepts 3/8" tubing; spitter ideal for a 150 to 200 GPH pump (tubing and pump not included)
  • Stain finish: Classic Cliff Patina


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Out of Stock

Besides providing an entertaining focal point, this Frog On Leaves Plumbed Spitter is beneficial for a pond. The splashes created by its streams of water add oxygen to the pond, helping all aquatic life.
This is a high quality, SOLID, beautiful cast stone spitter, not a cheap, hollow piece. Its stain resists fading more than paint and was applied by hand. For the best results in areas with severe freezing weather, cover the spitter or keep it indoors during winter. This spitter was made in the USA by Massarelli's, which has more than 40 years of experience making statuary. It is Massarelli's item number 2245.
Although designed as a spitter for a pond or water garden, this cute figurine brightens any location. It can be used as a spitter, or it can greet visitors at a garden, patio or porch.