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PondCare 5 in 1 Water Test Strips

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  • Accurate, easy to use pond test strips
  • Measure pH, nitrite, nitrate, carbonate hardness, and general hardness
  • Contains 25 test strips in a protective snap-cap container with color charts
  • No separate test vial required - just dip and read
  • Testing water has never been so easy!

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In order for fish to thrive, pond water needs to be tested. Regular testing of water pH, nitrite, nitrate, carbonate hardness and general hardness is an essential part of routine pond maintenance. Levels should be tested weekly to make sure they do not reach undesirable levels that could stress fish which can lead to illness and death.

PondCare 5-in-1 Pond Test Strips by API use highly accurate color charts for precise and easy to read test results. The stay dry tube with desiccant liner offers protection against humidity to ensure the efficacy of all test strips. You just dip and read for accurate results every time!

Contains: easy to follow instructions, 25 test strips, protective container with color charts.

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