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Double Sided EPDM Liner Seam Tape - 3" Wide

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  • Ideal for seaming together EPDM pond liner in combination w/ single sided seam tape.
  • Super sticky for a permanent waterproof seal.
  • Features "Peel & Stick" method for seaming.
  • Can be used to seal liner to skimmer and waterfall boxes.
  • Ensures a strong seal every time!

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Double-sided seam tape helps ensure a watertight seal when seaming one piece of pond liner to another. Used for seaming EPDM liners. 

Comes in an easy application roll. Works as a strong adhesive, ensuring long lasting durability. For best results prepare liner with quick Prime EPDM liner primer.

Double-sided adhesive, available in 3" x 100' or 3" x 25' lengths.

For best results when seaming:

  • Use a primer first
  • Then use the double sided seam tape
  • Next put down single sided seam tape to seal the top seam.
  • Using a strong, reliable liner tape is essential in assuring the stability of your pond liner. 

Note: Not for use in patching holes. 

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