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Eternabond Premium Pond Liner Sealant

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  • Works great for repairing rubber pond liners
  • Repairs cracks or tears and provides a sturdy seam for pond liners
  • Forms a permanent seal on EPDM, most PVCs, metals, tile, stone, brick, concrete, and wood
  • Rolls are 4" wide

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Featuring advanced Microsealant technology, EternaBond Single Sided Repair Tape is sticky on one side, and once it is applied, you can virtually forget about leaks!
EternaBond is ideal for pond liners, rigid preformed pond shells that have cracks, and marine applications. Prior to application, prepare the surface with a cleaner such as denatured alcohol and allow to dry completely. 
This primerless repair tape forms a permanent seal to a wide variety of materials including EPDM, most PVCs, metals, tile, stone, brick, concrete and wood. (Exceptions are silicone surfaces.)

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