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Single Sided EPDM Liner Seam Tape 6" wide

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  • Used to repair EPDM pond liner and to cover (top-dress) liner seams after double sided seam tape has been applied to the seam.
  • Coated on one side with strong butyl adhesive.
  • When using seam tape it is recommended to apply EPDM primer.
  • Easy to use! Clean and dry the damaged area or area to be seamed before applying the primer.
  • In addition, for best results use Splice Wash if liner is heavily soiled.

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6" Single Sided EPDM Seam Tape is used to protect the edge of the exposed seam created after the double sided tape has been applied between two sheets of liner during the seaming process. This 6" wide material is available in a variety of lengths and is sticky on one side. It is treated to seam perfectly with EPDM pond liner, especially Firestone PondGard!

This seam tape can also be used as a patch, providing an excellent seal with good adhesion. Use it to repair small holes in EPDM liner. We recommend using this tape in conjunction with an EPDM Primer or Splice Wash.

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    Easy to work with (single-sided)

    Posted by Michelle S on Jun 13th 2019

    I used this tape to cover the folds that were created when I put the pond liner into my pond (I wanted to create a flatter surface rather than deal with debris getting stuck in the folds all the time). This tape worked really well, and it was easy to work with (I kept the backing on and removed it slowly as I rolled the sticky side of the tape along the fold I was covering). My only complaint is that one of pieces of tape came undone after the pond was filled with water (this was one of 6 pieces), unfortunately, so I cannot fix it unless I drain the pond again (not planning to do that!).