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Sundial Floating Island Pond Planter

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  • Unique sundial floating pond planter.
  • Available in 16" diameter float, creates a truly interesting display!
  • Provides protection for aquatic and garden plants from hungry koi.
  • Adding plants to a pond helps absorb excess nutrients and fights algae blooms.
  • Specifications for 16" model can be found below.
  • Note: These floating aquatic islands require the use of a special lightweight "Island Mix". Regular garden soil is too heavy and cannot be used.


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Floating Island Planters are a unique way to enjoy plants in your pond! Great for displaying both aquatic and garden plants.
These floating pond pots are self-watering and koi proof. Adding plants to your water garden helps consume excess nutrients and helps fight algae bloom.

For best results, use Floating Island Grow Mix, which is lightweight and specially formulated for island planters.

Model3.5" Diameter Pots5.5" Diameter Pots
16" Planter 4 1