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Airmax 530172 Treatment Booster Plus - 16 oz | Spreader-Sticker

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  • Improves the effectiveness of aquatic herbicides and algaecides and is environmentally safe.
  • A low-viscosity oil (spreader-sticker) when used in combination with herbicides or algaecides results in better adhesion to aquatic weeds & algae.
  • Active Ingredient: Blend of Methylated Seed Oil and Emulsifiers.
  • Compatible with most liquid chemical algaecides/herbicides.
  • Directions: Use 2 oz. of Booster Plus per gallon of aquatic treatment & water.


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Airmax's Treatment Booster Plus is a low-viscosity oil that serves to enhance the efficacy of other chemical aquatic algaecide and herbicide treatments by dissolving the protective "waxy" cuticle on unwanted aquatic weeds and algae, allowing the other treatment to be even more effective. This treatment is compatible with most liquid herbicides, algaecides and other water treatments.

This 16 ounce container will enhance up to 8 gallons of treatment/water solution. Treatment Booster Plus has a shelf life of 2-years and carries no water use restrictions when used according to instructions.

Application Instructions

  • One 16oz. bottle treats up to 10,000 Square Feet.
  • Mix in 2 ounces for every 1 gallon of chemical/water mixture to your applicator to maximize efficiency.

Dosage Reference

Treatment SolutionTreatment Booster Plus
1 Gallon 2 Ounce
2 Gallon 4 Ounce
5 Gallon 10 Ounce
10 Gallon 20 Ounce