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Comes with a 2 Year Warranty!

Airmax Complete Pond Series Aeration System

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  • Aerates ponds up to 21 feet deep
  • All-in-one aeration system, no need for additional equipment
  • Energy efficient and quiet
  • Easy installation, just place the diffuser in the pond and plug in the compressor
  • Lifetime warranty for cabinet, 5 years for airline and diffuser(s), 2 years for compressor

$1,699.99 - $3,653.12

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The Airmax Pond Series Aeration System includes all the components needed to oxygenate a large pond. It is ideal for a mud bottom farm pond or small lake.

Most man-made ponds lack natural oxygenation, creating a stagnant and unhealthy balance in their water. Side effects can include noxious gases, excess algae, weeds and unhealthy fish.

This Airmax System adds oxygen to a pond from the bottom up. It works best in a deep pond that has a regular shape.

This system includes a protective Airmax Composite Cabinet with a removable top. The cabinet is 23 inches long, 17 inches wide and 15 inches tall. The cabinet has a lifetime warranty.

The included SilentAir RP Series Rocking Piston Compressor is built for 24/7 continuous duty. It has a pressure gauge, pressure relief valve and 2 year warranty.

Each provided ProAir 4 Weighted Diffuser is a PTFE non-stick 6 inch membrane stick that requires little maintenance and has a 5 year warranty. The weighted sled style diffuser platform is designed to keep the diffusers submerged. 

Some system models also include airline. The 3/8 inch EasySet Airline is self-weighted, lead free and made of a PVC composite. It has a 5 year warranty.


ModelHPMax Pond SizeMax Diffuser DepthDiffusersRunning AmpsVoltsMax OutputAirlinePower Cord
PS10 1/4 1 acre 21' 1 1.6 or 0.8 115 2.3 CFM / 65.1 LPM 100' 6'
PS20 1/2 2 acres 21' 2 4.1 or 2.1 115 4.7 CFM / 133.1 LPM 200' 6'
PS30 1/2 3 acres 21' 3 4.1 or 2.1 115 4.7 CFM / 133.1 LPM 300' 6'
PS40 3/4 4 acres 21' 4 5.3 or 2.7 115 5.8 CFM / 164.2 LPM None 6'