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Alpine 4-Way Lighting Splitter with Y Hard-Wire Connection Cord

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  • Alpine's low voltage lighting splitters allows easy connection with any transformer that accepts hard wiring (i.e. a/b screw type connections).
  • Available model: 4-way splitter.
  • Includes a 7 inch long connection cord.
  • Can handle 10 watts per socket; 40 watts total.


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Alpine's Y-connection splitter cord makes setting up your pond lighting quick and easy. The sockets feature a male and female end and it's as simple as just twisting to create a water tight seal. This makes powering up to 4 lights a simple task. 

4 way socket includes a 7" long cord with a hard wire (Y) connection.  For use with transformers that have a hard-wired connection port.

Available Models:

4-Way Splitter with Cord