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Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria

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  • Works in water as cold as 35° F and also works great through spring.
  • Reduces sludge and fish waste and other organic material and excess nutrients.
  • Safe for pets, livestock, fish & aquatic plants.
  • Improves water clarity and helps remove green water algae.
  • Contains 1.5 billion CFU (colony forming units) per ounce.

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Give your pond's ecosystem a boost even in cold weather! The Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria is a great pond additive for cold climates and even works perfectly well through spring as temperatures rise. This mixture of beneficial pond bacteria contains 1.5 billion colony forming units per ounce that are capable of activity in water as cold as 35° F.

Beneficial Pond Bacteria forms colonies in your pond that consume excess nutrients. These nutrients normally feed green water algae, but the increase in the bacteria population out competes the algae. This keeps your pond clear and clean!

Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria also reduces ammonia, nitrite, and organic debris. This fights the accumulation of sludge and other organic waste that may be in your pond!

Available in Sizes:

  • 32 oz. - treats up to 20,000 gallons
  • 1 gallon - treats up to 80,000 gallons

Usage Instructions

  1. Apply 1 pump per 100 gallons
  2. Treat twice weekly for two weeks
  3. Then treat once per week until water begins to freeze
  4. Apply dosage to the area of the pond with the most circulation or directly into the pond skimmer
  5. Start treatment after water temperature drops below 50° F.

Dosage & Info

Size32 Oz.1 Gallon
Part# 98894 96021
1 Pump Treats 100 gal / 378 L 600 gal / 2,268 L
1 Bottle Treats 20,000 gal / 75,600L 80,000 gal / 302,400L