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Aquascape Liquid Beneficial Bacteria - 1 Gallon

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  • Helps provide clear, clean, and healthy water conditions for your koi or goldfish pond
  • Effective treatment for the cellular algae that causes green water
  • Contains 8 full strains of concentrated beneficial bacteria
  • Safe for fish, plants, pets and wildlife
  • Reduces pond maintenace
  • Includes pump action applicator for easy dosage!


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Aquascape Liquid Beneficial Bacteria is a highly concentrated treatment designed to improve your pond's ecosystem. By promoting balance at the microbial level Aquascape Liquid Beneficial Bacteria improves water clarity, clears green water causing cellular algae blooms, and helps with sludge and organic waste breakdown. Containing 1.5 billion CFU (colony forming units) per ounce, this highly potent pond treatment ensures consistent effectiveness.

Aquascape Liquid Beneficial Bacteria is safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife. It features an easy pump applicator. The 128 oz. size treats up to 80,000 gallons.

This convenient all-in-one product allows pond owners to spend less time maintaining their pond and more time enjoying their backyard waterscape!

Available in Sizes

  • Aquascape item #98885 - 128 oz. (1 Gallon)

Usage Instructions

  • For spring start-up and new ponds treat twice weekly for two weeks, then once weekly for maintenance.
  •  Apply one pump (1 oz.) per 600 gallons when dosing from the 128 oz. gallon size.


Part NumberBottle Volume1 Pump Treats1 Bottle TreatsPackaged Weight
98885 1 gal / 3.78L 600 gal / 2,268 L 80,000 gal / 302,400L 8 lb