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Atlantic Tidal Wave L-series Pump

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  • These pumps move very high water volumes at low head through large diameter plumbing while operating economically.
  • Ideal for very wide waterfalls (3-5 ft+) with minimal lift of under 4 feet approximately.
  • Manufactured using stainless steel and cast-iron components to ensure longevity.
  • Features thermal overload to shut off pump in low water situations.
  • Has double silicone carbide mechanical seals and dual drive bearings to reduce friction.
  • Available models: 11,400 and 14,200 GPH pumps.
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

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Atlantic's TidalWave L-Series are axial flow pumps, designed to deliver high water volumes through large diameter plumbing to relatively low heights. At under 10 ft. of head, the low power consumption of these 3-inch male threaded outlet pumps can’t be beat for your high flow applications. Built with the same robust cast iron and stainless steel construction as Atlantic's A-Series, the L-Series pumps are built to last, and will continue to deliver for years.

This is a precision manufactured motor with thermal overload protection, which shuts off the pump in low water conditions, preventing damage. Made with double silicon carbide mechanical seals, as well as dual drive bearings. Backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.


ModelMFG Part #Max Flow RateMax Head HeightRecommended Head HeightHorsepowerWattageOutletPower Cord LengthDimensions (LxWxH)
L-305 73897 11,400 gph 20 ft. 2-13 ft. 1/2 HP 710 watts 3" 30' 9" x 9" x 19.25"
L-310 73898 14,200 gph 26 ft. 3-15 ft. 1 HP 1,105 watts 3" 30' 9" x 9" x 19.25"