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Color Changing LED Light Strip for Waterfalls

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  • Color changing LED light strip for waterfalls and spillways.
  • Fully submersible, perfect for use in or out of the water!
  • Comes with a remote controller for lighting adjustments.
  • LED light strip shows 8 different colors and has variable speed settings.
  • UL outdoor transformer included.

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The Seliger CCLS12 Color Changing LED Light Strip is an excellent option for adding color to pondless waterfalls or waterfalls in koi ponds. This LED light strip is incredibly convenient and easy to use. Instead of a confusing and oftentimes tiny onboard control panel, all the controls for the color changing LEDs are on the included remote control. This light strip is fully submersible and weather resistant, perfectly suited for use in or out of the water!

The light strip shows 8 different colors: red, green, blue, white, orange, yellow, cyan, and purple. The light strip has multiple settings that include light color, flashing, and variable speed. Each light strip model/size has a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Available in Sizes:

12" - can be used with 11" - 12" weirs

24" - can be used with 23" - 24" weirs

36" - can be used with 35" - 36" weirs