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Hakko HM Replacement Magnet

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  • Replacement Magnet for Hakko & Matala aeration pumps.
  • Commonly overlooked during diaphragm replacement.
  • Easy to install.

$29.00 - $135.00

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An oxygenating air pump will commonly have a magnet set that moves back and forth with the diaphragm. These two parts work in tandem to secure each other. In most scenarios the magnet outlives the diaphragm by quite a wide margin. However, running an air pump with a failing diaphragm for an extended period of time can wear the magnet down.

If you open the motor of your Hakko Air pump for repair and find dust or small metal particles you most likely need to replace the magnet. Always inspect the magnet for wear and tear when you replace the air pump diaphragm.

Available Models:

HK-M25 - 25L Air Pump

HK-M40 - 40L Air Pump

HK-M60/80 - 60L and 80L Air Pumps

HK-M100/120 - 100L and 120L Air Pumps

HK-M100/150 - 100L and 150L Air Pumps

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