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Kink Free Aeration Hose

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  • Kink free corrugated PVC hose for aeration systems
  • Metric sizing fits most standard air pumps
  • Black color helps tubing resist algae and withstand ozone and UV light
  • Non-weighted but can be weighed down easily with brick or stone

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This Kink Free Aeration Hose is perfect for pond aeration. Kinking in an air line can be devastating for your pond's aerator. The resulting drastic increase in back pressure can blow out the pump's diaphragm, causing your pond to go without aeration while you perform repairs or wait for replacement parts.

While kink free tubing may be more commonly used with pond water pumps, this smaller diameter hose can be used with pond aeration pumps and provide all the benefits for which corrugated PVC tubing is known. This black, flexible tubing is ribbed on the outside to prevent kinks, and it is smooth on the inside to provide maximum air flow. This hose design allows much more flexibility with minimal risk. It eliminates the need for elbows, once again maximizing flow and removing potential back pressure issues.