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Loki "Build-Your-Own" Hand Net for Ponds

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  • Strong durable hand nets in a wide variety of interchangeable components for the ultimate in flexibility and customization.
  • Heavy duty aluminum handles available both in static and adjustable telescoping lengths.
  • Each netting material made in-house by Loki in fine micro mesh, coarse, and tangle-less rubber coated mesh.
  • Available in handle lengths of 4 ft. and adjustable 4-8 ft. complete with diamond embossing and foam end hand grip for easy, secure handling.
  • All Loki Nets are made in the USA!
$64.75 - $89.99

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Loki Utility Hand Nets are ultra tough and can handle any maintenance chore in your pond or water garden. Perfect for both handling koi or goldfish as well as leaf and algae removal. Each net features the unique Monorail aluminum bow connector that encases the net, attaching inside the sturdy aluminum handle. This feature insures high performance, longevity, as well as endless combinations of customized nets to perfectly serve your unique pond or water feature.

Each netting mesh is soft, yet strong, thanks to the in-house manufacturing, courtesy of Loki's experience and commitment to products made in the United States. The knotless netting provides both a gentle bed for handling fish as well as a sturdy construction to handle clean outs and other pond maintenance. Each net features a shallow bottom as well as a flat front to allow for easy maneuvering around tight corners, aquariums, and even holding tanks.

Available in 1/8" coarse mesh, micro-fine mesh, or rubber-coated Tangle-Less mesh. 
Handles are Aluminum and a very sturdy 1.12" in diameter.

ModelHead SizeMesh
BD-3 12" x 13" White Mesh
BD-1 16" x 16" White Mesh
WGTL-BD-1 16" x 16" Tangle-less Black Mesh
RWG-T14 15" x 12" Triangle Micro Mesh
RWG-T24 15" x 12" Triangle White Mesh