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Matala EZ BioFilter & PreFilter

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  • Functions as either a mechanical prefilter for a pump or a biological filter for a small pond.
  • Prevents pump clogging and prolongs pump life when used as a pond pump prefilter.
  • Universal barb fitting connects to vinyl or metric hose inside diameters of 1 , 1.25, and 1.5 inches.
  • Matala filter media design provides low maintenance operation and has a long life span.

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The Matala EZ Biofilter and Prefilter can keep your pond clean and your pump safe. The Matala filter media allow beneficial bacteria to colonize and provide biofiltration for your pond. Also offering prefiltration for a pond pump, the filter media capture debris particles, preventing them from possibly clogging the pump and shortening the pump's lifespan.

This versatile biofilter / prefilter can be connected to many kinds of pumps and can be placed any distance from the pump. It features a multi hose adapter that attaches to vinyl and metric tubing with an inside diameter of 1", 1¼", or 1½". It also has a 1½" FPT connection.

Can easily clean this biofilter and prefilter device by simply rinsing it with water.


ModelMax Flow Through GPH as PrefilterMax Flow Through GPH as BiofilterFilter Media LayersDimensions
EZ-Bio 11 1980 to 2650 660 to 1320 Single 4.3 x 7.9"
EZ-Bio 20 3960 1320 Double 7.9 x 7.9"

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