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Matala Rocking Piston Compressor

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  • Rocking Piston Compressor air pump designed for large mud bottom farm ponds or small lakes
  • Can provide enough air to aerate 1/4 acre to 4 acre ponds depending on model selected
  • A great air pump to adapt to an existing aeration system, or for creating your own custom design
  • Rebuild kits for periodic maintenance are available and are recommended after 1 to 2 years of normal operation

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Matala Rocking Piston Compressor air pumps are extremely powerful and versatile. They should be used in water no deeper than 50 ft. For the best performance, air hoses should be shorter than 100 ft. 

Each compressor model has available upgrades, depending on your needs for the aeration pump. 

Models ending in "A" such as MPC-60A, only have an air filter. They are standalone compressors with various uses. 

Each model ending in "C" such as MPC-60C, includes an air filter and a multi-way heavy duty manifold. The manifold's oil filled pressure gauge decreases vibration, resulting in a more accurate psi reading for the system. The manifold also features a pressure relief valve that opens at about 17 psi, preventing compressor damage. Gang valves are brass with 3/8 inch barb connectors. The included small piece of heat resistant hose decreases heat to the air hose connection.

Each fully upgraded "C" model includes a highly weather resistant, locking cabinet that has a cooling fan with cross flow ventilation.

Models MPC-60A and MPC-60C each have a single head. Models MPC-120A, MPC-120C, MPC-200A and MPC-200C each have a double head.

MPC-60C has a 2-way manifold. MPC-120C has a 3-way manifold, and MPC-200C has a 4-way manifold.

1 year manufacturer warranty. 3/8" airline hose sold separately.


ModelHPWattsVolts / HertzMax Air FlowSuggested Tubing Size Pond SizeMax DepthDimensions(LxWxH)
MPC-60 1/4 231 115 / 60 3.89 CFM / 110 LPM 3/8" Up to 1 acre 30 ft. 7.1" x 6.3" x 7.8"
MPC-120 1/2 332 115 / 60 5.51 CFM / 156 LPM 3/8" Up to 2 acres 40 ft. 9.4" x 6.3" x 7.8"
MPC-200 3/4 594 115 / 60 7.49 CFM / 212.1 LPM 3/8" Up to 4 acres 40 ft. 10.8" x 6.5" x 9.5"