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Matala Round Air Diffuser Disc

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  • Universal diffuser disc for aeration systems; an upgraded alternative to ceramic or silica air stones.
  • Clog resistant and extremely low maintenance.
  • The rubber membrane contains hundreds of I-shaped slots that provide uniform medium-size air bubbles.
  • These air discs put very little back pressure on your aeration system which can extend the life of your compressor's diaphragm.
  • Has a 3/4 inch male pipe thread for easy connection to aeration system airline.
  • Handles air flows of 0.88 CFM (25 LPM) to 5.30 CFM (150 LPM) depending on model.

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This Matala Rubber Membrane Diffuser Disc is a great alternative to air stones in many aeration applications. The membrane contains hundreds of I-shaped air pores that open as air pressure builds inside the diffuser, providing uniform medium bubble consistency and distribution.

Thanks to the nature of the quality rubber membrane, this diffuser operates with little to no maintenance needed.

The diffuser disc has a 3/4" male threaded inlet, perfect for integrating with an existing aeration system. This air disc is designed to put very little back pressure on the system. It adds fewer than 6 inches of water depth back pressure which helps to prolong the life of your compressor's diaphragm.

Matala AD9 9 in. 3/4" MPT 0.88 - 3.5 CFM / 25 - 100 LPM Not Weighted
Matala AD12 12 in. 3/4" MPT 0.88 - 5.30 CFM / 25 - 150 LPM Not Weighted

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