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Ocean Mist Synchronized 72 LED Spotlights - 3-Pack w/ Transformer, Splitter, & Outdoor Power Strip

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  • This bundle includes three synchronized, color changing 72 LED spotlights.
  • The lights are waterproof, perfect for illuminating water features or landscapes.
  • Synchronized color changing - watch as the lights turn from red to blue to green, and various combinations inbetween.
  • Each light has a power cord measuring 33 ft.
  • Includes an outdoor transformer, splash-proof power strip, and a 3-way splitter to allow for synchronization.


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Ocean Mist's 72 LED color-changing spotlights are perfect for providing dazzling lighting to just about any landscape or water feature. Since they are waterproof, these lights can be used in various pond installations, waterfall spillways, and many more!

These lights include an adjustable stand for quick and easy customization, along with a 33' power cord, low-voltage outdoor transformer, and splash-proof power strip, which all allow these lights to reach various landscapes or water features. 

When plugged in using the 3-way splitter, these lights will be perfectly synchronized - imagine the awesome sight of each of the lights changing to matching colors in perfect sync. They automatically shift from red to blue to green, as well as various different combinations of the colors and patterns.

The ten different light modes include:

  • Solid blue.
  • Solid green.
  • Solid red.
  • Green & blue combination.
  • Red & green combination.
  • Red & blue combination.
  • Red, blue & green combination.
  • Slow rotation between all 3 colors.
  • Rapid rotation between all three colors.
  • Very Rapid rotation between colors and patterns.
Item #WattageBulb TypeFixture DimensionsTransformerCord Length
QL-72T 5 Watts LED 3" Diameter x 2" Height 12v Transformer 33 ft.