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OEM Splash Mat for Atlantic CF Basins

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  • Genuine Atlantic replacement mats fit perfectly with Atlantic CFBASIN24 and CFBASIN36.
  • Aids in filtering water entering basin to eliminate debris from entering pump and spillway.
  • Reduces splash and water loss from reservoir by absorbing water and returning it back down to the reservoir basin
  • Available in both 24" and 36" sizes.

$61.99 - $81.99
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Atlantic Water Gardens’ Splash Mat for 24-inch Formal Spillways Basin CFBASIN24 reduces splash for Atlantic Formal Spillway waterfalls. This anti-splash mat fits perfectly on the top of the basin and aids in filtering water before entering the basin to eliminate debris from entering the pump and spillway.

The Splash Mat reduces water loss from the reservoir by absorbing water from the spillway waterfall, such as a Colorfalls, Spillway, or Wall Spout and returning it to the reservoir basin.

Available Sizes:

25" wide

36" wide