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OWS NightAir Solar Aeration Kit with Battery Backup

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  • Keep your aeration system running even when the sun doesn't shine!
  • Runs for 20 hours per day!
  • Features an output of 2.2 CFM at 5 psi, one of the best on the market for solar-powered aerators.
  • Features two fans to keep the compressor cool, extending its lifespan.
  • The two high-output solar panels provide over 600 watts!
  • Includes 9" self-weighted diffuser(s) and 1/2" weighted airline.

$12,395.95 - $12,595.95

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Looking for a solar aeration system, but worried about the possibility of inconsistent operation? Then Outdoor Water Solution's NightAir series of solar aerators are perfect for you! Featuring a battery backup which allows them to operate for 20 hours a day, these aeration kits are reliable and efficient. The 2 high-output solar panels provide over 600 watts of power and each of the deep cycle AGM batteries each hold 200 Ah for 400 Ah total. These reliable workhorses provide 2.2 CFM output at 5 psi, one of the highest outputs on the market for solar aerators.  

These aerators are built to last, featuring two cooling fans which help to keep the compressor cool, greatly extending its operational lifespan. The included powder coated aluminum cabinet is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

Features a Bluetooth enabled solar controller. 

The NightAir I includes 100' of 1/2" weighted airline and 1 self-weighted double disc diffuser.

The NightAir II includes two 100' sections of 1/2" weighted airline and 2 self-weighted double disc diffusers.

These kits have a 2-year warranty on compressors and electrical components, 5-year warranty on all diffusers, bases and airline, 15-year warranty on all solar panels, and a Lifetime warranty against rust on the aluminum cabinet.