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pH Decrease Water Treatment (1 gal.) - for ponds

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  • Gently lowers the pH level of pond water
  • Formulated in deionized water
  • Contains electrolytes and slime coat protection to protect fish and reduce stress
  • Chelating agent to enhance water quality
  • Safe for all fish and plants

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Microbe-Lift pH Decrease safely lowers pH levels. It contains two pH decreasing agents for a gentle decrease in alkalinity, and three electrolytes to help maintain osmotic balance in the pond water during alterations. This product also contains ingredients that protects the fish slime coat and reduces stress.


  • This product is safe for ALL aquatic fish and plants. The chelating agent aids in maintaining water quality while the pH is altering.
  • 1 oz. treats up to 375 gal. of water, decreasing (lowering) the pH by 0.1.
  • 1 gal. treats 48,000 gal. of water, decreasing (lowering) the pH by 0.1.

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