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Pond Flush - Beneficial Pond Bacteria Treatment

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  • Improves the clarity and health of water in ponds and fountains, eliminates foul odors
  • Restores murky pond water and can be used for general pond maintenance and spring prep
  • 100 percent live bacterial formulation, environmentally friendly, works naturally
  • Application rate: 2 oz. per week provides general maintenance for a 2,500 to 5,000 gal. pond

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Flush Brand Pond Flush clarifies and restores the quality of fountain and pond water while eliminating foul pond odors. Besides beautifying water features, it makes the aquatic environments healthier for fish. Containing live beneficial bacteria, this pond water treatment is 100 percent safe for the environment, fish, wildlife, and turf. It works naturally and benefits all aquatic environments.

Read the Pond Flush label to find the amount of the product to use in your pond or fountain. For general maintenance 2 oz. of Pond Flush applied once per week treats a 2,500 to 5,000 gal. pond. Shake the container well, and then pour the correct amount of Pond Flush into your water feature.

For Spring Preparation, apply the correct dosage for 3 consecutive days. Then apply it weekly for maintenance. For General Maintenance, apply the dosage once each week. For a Problem Pond, apply the dosage 2 or 3 times each week until the problem is resolved, and then apply it weekly.

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    Pond flush

    Posted by Jane Domigan on Jun 17th 2022

    I was skeptical about the product but I tried it and in a week my pond was clear again and I could see the bottom of the pond. I could also now see several new baby fish. This really works!