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Pondmaster Pump Rebuild Kit -Replacement Impeller & Pump Cover

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  • This Pump DIY Rebuild Kit offers the most convenient option for replacing your pump's impeller and pump cover/volute.
  • Genuine replacement impellers and volutes are compatible with both Supreme and Pondmaster Pond-Mag Submersible Magnetic Drive Pumps.
  • Replacing both the impeller and volute together, prolongs the lifespan of your Supreme or Pondmaster Pump.
  • The only tool needed to replace the 2 parts is a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Make sure you select the right model for your specific pump model.

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For impellers, a common symptom of a submersible pump malfunctioning is when water stops being pulled, but the motor still hums as if it's working. That hum almost always indicates that the pump's impeller needs to be replaced. Pump impellers or covers, sometimes referred to as volutes occasionally get damaged during operation. Danner Manufacturing's replacement impeller and covers are compatible with both Supreme & Pondmaster Pond-Mag Pumps.

If either your impeller or volute needs to be replaced, it is recommended to replace both items at the same time to prolong the lifespan of your pump. It is not uncommon for the damage or malfunction of one part to affect the operation of the second part because they work together.  

Each rebuild kit includes the appropriate model's replacement impeller and replacement volute with gasket assembly.



Rebuild Kit ModelImpeller Part NumberVolute Part NumberUsed with Pump
Model 2 12555 12535 250 gph
Model 3 12575 12535 350 gph
Model 5 12575 12545 500 gph
Model 7 12585 12545 700 gph
Model 9.5B 12746 12733 950 gph
Model 12B 12756 12741 1200 gph
Model 18B 12776 12741 1800 gph
Model 24 12780 12783 2400 gph
Model 36 12790 12783 3600 gph
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