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Pricing & Discount Policies

Pricing Policies

At Pond & Garden Depot we strive to bring unrivaled and knowledgeable customer service while providing quality products at fair and reasonable prices.

We reserve the right to change the pricing of products, shipping, service, and labor at any time without notice. In the rare event that additional funds are due after initial purchase a customer will never be charged without their consent.

Sales, Coupons, & Discounts

We reserve the right to exclude certain products from site-wide sales, including those applied with coupon codes, due to manufacturer limitations and/or our own discretion.
Printed coupon codes such as mailers and order inserts are limited to one use per customer unless otherwise stated. Site-wide coupon codes such as a Holiday sales can be used an unlimited number of times during their active period unless otherwise stated.

MAP Policy

We are Authorized Resellers of almost all of the brands we carry. Some of these brands such as Aquascape, Airmax, and Easypro have minimum advertised pricing policies (known as MAPP) that we adhere to in order to maintain our Authorized Reseller status. Due to these policies some of the products we carry have minimum prices that the items can be sold at. Items sold below MAPP forfeit certain manufacturer support such as warranty support, and discounted replacement parts. Products that fall under this category are excluded from site-wide sales and coupon codes.