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Tetra Pond Fountain Block (6 blocks) - Eliminates Algae

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  • Clears cloudy water and controls algae growth.
  • For containerized ponds and fountains only.
  • Great regular maintenance treatment; replace blocks when fully dissolved (up to 30 days).
  • One block treats up to 100 gallons.
  • 6 blocks per package.
  • Not for use in ponds that contain live plants.

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Tetra Pond Fountain Block is a great treatment for small container ponds, water features and fountains. It offers an easy and effective way to control and prevent growth of algae while also keeping the water crystal clear. Each treatment is a solid block that is added into the pond, making it a super easy, zero maintenance application! Replace block when fully dissolved (up to 30 days).

Controls Algae: Helps prevent algae growth in ornamental water fountains and ponds.
Slow Release: Blocks fully dissolve slowly after about 10 days.
For Containerized Fountains & Ponds: Not recommended for containers with live plants.
Easy To Use: One block treats between 30 and 280 gallons of water.
Clears Algae Blooms: Each block dissolves to control algae and clear algae blooms.


Tetra item #16737 - 6 blocks per package.

  • Not for use with live plants.
  • Wear gloves during application.
  • Do not consume water that has been treated.
  • Each block treats up to 30 to 80 gal.
  • Not for use in irrigation or ponds with runoff. For containerized ponds and water features only.

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