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United Aquatic Mallard Duck Family Decoy Set

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  • This complete set includes 2 adult ducks, along with three ducklings.
  • Made from durable polyresin.
  • Features realistic, long-lasting paint.
  • Adult Dimensions: 14 Inch Tall x 6 Inch Wide x 6 Inch Deep.
  • Duckling Dimensions: 4 Inch Tall x 2 Inch Wide x 3 Inch Deep.


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Crafted from durable hard polyresin, each member of this floating duck family is adorned with long-lasting paint, ensuring a realistic appearance that endures seasons. This set includes a full-sized male and female duck, along with three adorable ducklings, meticulously detailed for a lifelike appearance. With weighted bases or keels, the adult ducks float gracefully in an upright position, Can be connected using the eyelet at the bottom and weighted to prevent the ducks from being driven to the edge of the pond.

The trio of floating ducklings is a highlight, painted in vibrant yellow with realistic markings. They're built to withstand the elements and maintain their allure. 

Enhance your pond, pool, or water garden with this family of Mallard Duck Decoys. They not only bring color and personality but may also attract real ducks. A delightful addition, the "United Aquatic Mallard Duck Family Decoy Set" brings a touch of nature's grace to your aquatic haven. The Adult Ducks measure 14 Inch Tall x 6 Inch Wide x 6 Inch Deep, while the Ducklings measure 4 Inch Tall x 2 Inch Wide x 3 Inch Deep.